Friday, October 18, 2013


I'm going to start making YouTube come support me by subscribing and watching them videos!!! On the days I don't post there should be a blog post!! Comment ideas! I love youuu!!!! 
  Love y'all!! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Get Inspired ;)

So y'all all know that place where u can relax and let all your feelings go. Well I'm at the beach as a teenage girl this is the place to know the hot guys,wearing the perfect bikini,and working on the best summer tan. Jealous right? Haha well to be honest not everyone's summer goes that way cause I can't get the perfect tan. I don't tan :( I burn...easily. It sucks I know and plus it was raining all day but the little things that brighten my day made it all worth it. Texting my guy friends, getting told I can get a dog, and being loved. The point of what I just told you is: your day doesn't have to be the way you expect it to go. Just lay back and enjoy the little things that could be more worth it in the long run.       
    Love y'all!!!     ~Kaylee
Any name ideas?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Watch some YouTube :)'s been forever since I have talked to y'all!!! Which sucks :( so today I'm going to talk about my favorite People to watch on YouTube!!

So my favorite beauty guros are:
1)BaileyLizBeauty-she's about 13 or 14 and she really knows her way around makeup and YouTube.Her videos have amazing quality!! 
2)taliajoy18-she's a inspiration to EVERYONE.She battles cancer and her slogan is Make up is my wig.She has a special talent for makeup.And she's a joy to watch.
3)StilaBabe09-Meredith Foster is a beauty queen. She has just over a million subscribers and deserves WAY more.I love her fashion sense.
4)Macbarbie07-This is one of the beauty guros that was born to do makeup.

The channels for entertainment: 
1)grav3yardgirl-she does makeup videos but her tea vlogs are the best!!!! She makes me laugh every time one of her daily videos come out. We are her swamp family so subscribe and give a alligator it's wings!!!!
2)pewdiepie-bro fist!!! This is a video game walk through channel and is hilarious! His real name is Felix and he's from Sweden.He has over ten million subscribers and he plays a mix of horror games and not. His language Is not the best so *disclaimer*....

Have fun and have a good weekend!!!!!! Love y'all        ~Kaylee

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Candy and Squirrels :(

So time for one of my totally random blogs..... WHY I HATE SQUIRRELS :( 

So I actually used to really like squirrels,until last saterday a squirrel stole my candy!!!! So being the normal person that I am I see a squirrel in the grass and I'm at my nanas so there is alot of trees and it's not completely out of the ordinary to just see a random squirrel in the yard. Well I'm chilling by the pool in my bathing suit eating some candy and a squirrel appears on the deck and throws a nut at me! I walk over and try to pet it being the blonde I am and not thinking. Well a long story short it begins to chase me and I drop my candy. The squirrel takes the candy and runs :(  Has this ever happened to anyone else? Or is it just the drunk squirrels at my nanas? So dear squirrel I hope u get diabetes and die! Lol 

This is a squirrel for all the idiots who don't know
 Love y'all!!!!    ~Kaylee

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hot Summer Days

Chilling pool side!!! Lol it's not that fun it's wayyyyyy too hot and my drink is just way too far. I'm a blonde so getting tan is close to impossible. Haha it sucks. My mom thinks that I spend too much time in my room so I'm told that I have to spend all day outside then I can go buy some makeup!!! :D before I knew that I was forced outside I put my contacts in and did my makeup really good. I figured out how to do a light smokey eye and I had my hair fixed and everything! I rarely do that and I now get kicked out of the house ;( Do you know that feeling when it's Winter you want it to be summer and when it's summer you want it to be winter. I WISH IT WAS WINTER!! I'm at my nanas house so there is a swimming pool in front of me but I'm not in the mood.Well I'm going to go find a way to get inside. Stay Cool! 
      Love Y'all!       ~Kaylee

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Odd lessons from Camp :)

I'm at camp ☺ so 10 really weird lessons: 

1) if a bee comes near you,you have to snap as loud as you can and hopefully it will fly away
2) if your shirt is wrinkly,then you can use a straightener and straighten out the wrinkles.
3) when your shorts get wet by water balloons,use a hairdryer to dry them
4) when you are throwing water balloons throw in a arch  so they don't bust.
5) Don't EVER lose your's bad
6) don't make your camp directer mad.....your bed might end up on the joke 
7)Always bring snacks..You WILL get hungry...
8) RUN to the showers. The first few get hot water.
9) when you say you are going to get up early to take a shower. You never do
10) Don't stand near a wall outside. Spiders will ATACK lol  

Love Y'all.   ~Kaylee 

Downpours and God :)

So you know that awesome feeling when feel like you have figured everything out? When you don't have a care In the world and you have the best time ever. Well about two hours ago at church camp we had a rain shower out of no where..and where we live its not uncommon for that to happen so we continue playing football and then we had a downpour an we stopped our game and everyone looked up at the sky and we got soaked but it just clicked to me how lucky I am. I never think about it but I should. As y'all prob know I go to church and I know god made this world. At that moment in time I knew that I should be the Christian I want to be. It's a moment of truth and shortly after that me and my friend that I hated at the time had a conversation and made up! Our job as Christians is to glorify god and spread the gospel. And I know there are people that needs help with Christian things and want help to become one. If you email me we might can set up a face time and I will do my best to help you. I'm about to post a REALLY random post so hang in there!

Love Y'all!!!    ~Kaylee